Friday, May 29, 2009

Living off the land

We're still a long way from living off the land in the Finglas Garden, but are taking small steps to get there. Every week it's encouraging to bring home even one thing grown locally, like a fistful of mint or parsley. Thanks to Pears and Robin for the little surprise picnic in the sun on the lawn last night. It was refreshing to take a break after weeding and watering the cracked earth. So the spuds are coming up though some have succumbed to the wretched slugs. I get red-hot angry with the slugs. The other gardeners remind me of the Buddhists and peaceful co-existence. Yet the sight of the slugs and snails munching on healthy green leaves makes my blood boil. I'm making a type of mosaic path through the herb garden so if anyone has broken crockery or smashes some up over the next while, please save it for the garden path.

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